Infinity Aex is a main character. She is the Time and Knowlege Guardian. She became friends with a friendly Raysaur, called Isecali in an "Explore Strange Planet" mission. Her closest friends names are Iris, Isecali, and Saysayylene.She got her inspiration to become a Guardian from Saysayylene


Infinity's X Form


Name: Infinity Aex

Type: Electric, Psychic, Plasma

HP: 150982

Moves Currently Known: Infinity Blast, Stress Sphere, Divido Divito(Fire Tornadoes+ Volcanoes+ Fire Rain) , Plasma Ball, Mass Extinction, Black Hole, Elemental sphere, Time Warp, Athobus Deliberous( Gigantic Gold Lightning Bolt.) , Testla Coil, Athobus Spectrum ( All the Power Of Electricity.)

Power Level: 5/5 stars


  • "Well, No One Has Ever Been The Time Guardian Before Me!?"
  • "Focus Your Mind, It Is the most Powerful Thing You Have...."
  • Smacks Forehead* "No"
  • "What......Was.......THAT?......?"

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