Isecali is a Raysaur.

In the First Few Erathien years Or her Life.....Edit

Isecali was normally peaceful, unless provoked. If provoked spikes and blades shot out all over her body to scare provokers away. If she wasn't in the mood for fighting, she would automaticly get slimmer and stronger-muscled to run away -FAST. One day she met Infinity. The two became friends, they agreed to help each other when one-another was in need.


Name: Isecali Ficemel


Forms: Flying, Speed, Battle, Normal, Roller, water

Typing:Flying Form; Air, Steel,Speed Form; Steel, Psychic, Battle Form; Steel, Fighting, Normal Form; Steel, Leaf

Moves Known: Slice, Slash, Extreme Speed, Spikes, Super Power, Chop Apart, Horn Attack, Head Smash, Horn Drill.

Power Level: ★★★