ProtoVordartrian Empire


ProtoVordartrian Empire
Government type Military empire
Leader The Sovereign Commander
Date formed Unknown


The ProtoVordartrian Empire is a powerful intergalactic military empire. It is one of the earliest governments in the Vordartrian Galaxy, and one of the two primary belligerent factions (the other being the Cavriluon Army) in the Vordartrian-Cavriluon War.


Galactic Civil War

The military government had a comparatively small, yet decidedly important role in the Galactic Civil War.

Yuuzhan Vong War

They would not have a more significant presence until the Yuuzhan Vong War, where they staged large counterattacks against the invaders, helping to bring a quicker end to the war. Their presence at Coruscant prevented its fall. Thousands of civilians died, but the death toll would have been much higher as previously foreseen if they were not present to push the Yuuzhan Vong back. Indeed, a large percentage of lives that otherwise would have been lost, were saved. After the war, a number of systems aligned themselves with the Vordartrian government.

Tensions Arise Again

Years later, they would have another major role in the conflict against an extremist state dominated by a reemerging Restored Empire and its supporters, and were among the first governments to take the threat seriously. Adding the fact that the fanatical hard-liners were joined by what remained of the Dark Empire and another splinter hard-liner faction that became prominent in an on and off cold war, the Vordartrian government and their allies - including the Imperial Remnant, under Gilad Pellaeon - had much reason to believe that another war was not far off.

Prelude to Another War

After two decades of delay, the Galactic Alliance resumed demilitarisation. This act called for the Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant to disarm and reduce the size of their militaries, hoping that the rest of the galaxy would follow suit. It was met with support, but also significant numbers of opposition. Among the opposition was the ProtoVordartrian Empire, whose military government did not agree with the act's supporters at all. The Remnant, acting on word from their allies, seemingly disarmed their military in their southern territories within the Inner Rim and Core Worlds, and reserved their weapons in secret, but would remain on alert in the New Territories. This would satisfy the Galactic Senate that they had adhered to demilitarisation. The ProtoVordartrian Empire on the other hand completely defied disarmament, and accelerated the buildup of their forces.

The Imperial Remnant was concerned about any subversives within their ranks that favoured the hard-liners and the possibility of enemy spies in their territories. To alleviate their concerns, the Vordartrian government secretly dispatched Security Commission agents to root out any spies and traitors. While most were already with the Restored Empire, a small group of them remained behind to transmit information about the movements of their opponents as well as keep tabs on the Galactic Alliance. The first to be dealt with were those that knew about their alliance. The traitors were interrogated on all the information they had that they planned to send to the hard-liners. After that, they were executed. The spies within Remnant territory were captured, interrogated, then thoroughly conditioned to spy on the hard-liners. The ISC agents were silently recalled once these tasks were finished.

Since the Yuuzhan Vong War, the hard-liners were using their time to build up a fleet of new warships. Among them were a new class of battlecruisers. Intelligence revealed that these were larger than the Imperial Star Destroyers used for decades, and their own Allegiance-class Battlecruisers, and were used as the standard capital ship of their navy.

Invasion of Sepan

Concurrent with the conflict, the Sepan Civil War had resumed, and broke out into neighbouring systems. One engagement threatened Surron, a system aligned with and protected by the ProtoVordartrian Empire, having become allies after Vordartrian forces defended them during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Preemptively, the Dimok and the Ripoblus attacked a civilian space station nearby (thinking it to be a military outpost), each racing to steal the equipment before the other side could. They engaged security ships and Vordartrian patrols, and the incident would mark one of the instances that either the Dimok or Ripoblus governments attacked a neutral party unprovoked. Vordartrian forces engaged and destroyed all ships of both belligerents present in the system. The conflict did not stop there.

In response to the spread of the Sepan Civil War and in retaliation for damaging a civilian platform and attacking their patrols, the Sovereign Commander planned to put a permanent end to the fighting by invading the Sepan System. In light of the unexpectedly destructive results of the skirmish, the Sepans once more decided to unite against a common enemy, but would fare much worse than they did against the Galactic Empire.

The ProtoVordartrian Empire declared war, and just as quickly invaded the sector. The primary invasion forces bypassed the blockade formed at the west of the sector, while a fleet arrived to destroy the blockade. This proved to be an easy task, as not only was the ProtoVordartrian Empire far more powerful and advanced, but the Dimok and the Ripoblus governments had thinned their ranks in their civil war. In minutes, the blockade was destroyed to the last fighter. Soon, the system was surrounded on all sides by Vordartrian ships. The defense fleets were quickly smashed just as the blockade was, and the Sepan governments had lost their entire space force. The Empire began their surface assaults. They were met with resistance, but it proved to be even more futile, as nothing could stop them from reaching their capital cities. Soon enough, the Dimok and Ripoblus surrendered. The governments were toppled, and their leaders were executed for the latest bout of war crimes. It served as another example as to how the ProtoVordartrian Empire would act towards those that instigated or perpetuated needless violence and/or war. After this conquest, the Sepan Sector was completely under Vordartrian control.


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